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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for starting your tuesday with us. the largest air transfer ever. >> 15 detainees released from gitmo including osama bin laden's body guard. >> who are these dangerous people? >> in a statement the defense department says a prison task force determine the detainees should be transferred from guantanamo to the united emirates. one is a former body guard from osama bin laden. a report on wikileaks claims he was captured along with members of the dirty 30 who were believed to have the best information about bin laden. three are from yemen the other three from afghanistan. those being trance fored no longer pose a quote significant continuing threat to the united states. presidential candidate evan mcmullen a former cia agent
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disagrees. >> these are people who want to kill americans at mass. i dealt with these people face to face. they eat, drink and sleep destroying america. >> president obama has been trying to close the prison for eight years saying it undermines our national security. donald trump says if elected president he will keep it open. >> we will also keep open guantanamo bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence. we will also seek to capture high value targets to gain needed information to dismantle their organization. >> 61 detainees remain at the administration says there will be more transfers in coming weeks. >> kelly wright. thank you. the gitmo announcement coming hours after donald trump's first major foreign policy speech. republican nominee outlining his plan to take town terrorists.
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the left already on the attack. >> vice president joe biden came out swinging in his first campaign appearance for hillary clinton speaking for his hometown in scranton, pennsylvania. he said donald trump is unqualified to be the commander-in-chief, not knowledge enough on foreign policy nor willing enough to learn. if trump likes russian president vladimir put ten he would have loved the former soviet union. >> he likes auto krat the. he wills the politicses that fears intolerance calling for the ban on muslims in the united states slandering proud muslim parents for a gold star family threatening to send american citizens to kwguantanamo. it is a recipe to play into the hands of terrorists and their
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propaganda. trump said the u.s. should no longer try to impose democracy on other nations. they should partner with any ally that wants to kill isis that includes russia. he proposes a commission on radical islam. >> my first thing will be to have a commission for radical islam to develop new protocols for local police officers, federal investigators and immigration screeners. >> trump is headed to the battle ground of business business clinton will be in pennsylvania. it is all about the battle ground states. >> he is trying to get back. >> he used a teleprompter the
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other day. the a glowing review of the trump speech and how the gop would handle the threat of isis. >> you did a remarkable job in my judgment identifying the enemy describing accurately how big the problem is. this is the most important foreign policy speech than ronald reagan t. has a debate with the people about what is threatening us and what we should do about it. the contrast between where he is and hillary clinton is couldn't be clearer. this is two different world views. what do you think will it change in the polls? send us an email at
2:05 am a half dud enpeople arrested as a mandatory curfew goes into effect amid fears of more mayhem in milwaukee. >> the sister of the man killed by police is inciting violence saying he should have shot back. >> a much calmer avenue in milwaukee than we saw the previous evening or the evening before that. the mandatory curfew they have lengthened the summer curfew for teenagers, moving it up to 10:00 p.m. there were some confrontations. they made 6 arrests but no significant injuries and no significant property damage. >> scott walker has been touring much of this area. he worries about the long-term prospects of this part of town.
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>> wihen you see things like a fire or riot individuals are -- i hope we recognize the people in sherman park my kids were born a few blocks away. >> our local fox affiliate, fox 6 news had a wide ranging interview with the sister of civil smith. he was shot and killed by a police officer before this rioting. she revealed a relationship between the police officer and the brother. >> you knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him. >> she also went on to question the claims by police officers if he had a gun in his hand the body camera shows from the police officer there was a gun present, a loaded gun present and the shooting of her brother was justified.
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she went on to say if he had a gun in his hand why wouldn't he have gone out shooting if he had that gun in his hand. there have been questions of authority as to when they are going to release that video. the state has control of it now because the state puts an investigation together in instances like this. they hope they answer it as soon as possible. >> they have could be careful because that's significant for the case moving forward they have to keep. >> historying flooding taking 7 lives and forcing hundreds more from their homes. >> i worked my entire life over this. >> fleeing from submerged neighborhoods some areas drowning under 2 feet of rain that fell in just two-days.
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>> it's not just people in trouble. hundreds of animals as you saw there also being rescued from daycares and homes most headed for animal shelters on higher grounds. >> the rain stopped now but the flooding danger is far from over. >> maria molina is here with more. >> we are tracking more areas of rain as well. across louisiana are, mississippi even into parts of texas. the flood threat is not over just yet. the other problem as well is river flooding will take several days to begin to recede out here. anticipate seeing more flooding in the gulf coast. other areas are expected to see showers and storms even the possibility of severe weather
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including portions of the northeast. there is potential for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes out there. 95 for the forecast high in rally. behind that system cooler and much more pleasant like in memphis when you are expecting a high of 82, 83 in chicago. we are going to have to continue to track several areas of rain that will be moving through with that storm. >> not a great day for team usa in rio. >> allison felix losing the 200 meter dash. her competitor diving to
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victory. >> check out the photo finish as she blocked felix from a 5th olympic gold medal. >> a record setting goal she is taking ohome a bronze after scumbling in the balance beam competition. >> first olympics four olympic medals three gold and one bronze. >> floor finals tomorrow. >> i think she did okay for herself in the end. >> team u,s remains in first place with 25 medals. >> go usa. >> the time is 10 minutes after the hour. reduced to rubble an out of control inferno decimating an entire community. the arson arrest. >> donald trump blaming the war on terror. the rise of isis is a direct
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result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. why our next guest az he's right. >> what happens when a diaper waring monkey faces this. we will find out.
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state clinton. >> donald trump tackling terror laying out his plan to make america safe again. here is jim hanson. thank you for waking up so early with us. >> donald trump trying to get track on track laying out his foreign policy ideas, extreme vetting of muslims skop process where jeaning is inadequate. also keep guantanamo bay open. >> i think trump did a tremendous job of somehowing the difference between what he will do and what hillary clinton and barack obama have done which is a dismal failure. he laid out a plan that would be a victory over jihad. he said we are going to defeat isis and cut down the black flag and stop deporting jihadists no
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one from unvetted countries where terrorism is rampant and have a screening with those who don't agree with american value and not let them in. he will cut lose our federal law enforcement and national security apparatus to learn about and investigate the people who form our enemy. cure the willful blindness president obama has put into place. >> there are 15 more the largest ever group of detainees at guantanamo bay released, the worst of the worst. look at this poll. it says clinton is trusted more with handling terrorism trump at 39 percent and clinton with 50 percent. would we be safer under hillary clinton? >> not in a million years. we have seen what happens. the arab spring turned into the arab nightmare on her and barack obama's watch. the poll is largely the result of arguments with the kahn
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family et cetera and doesn't respect the actual policies, once they look at the plan and the will to treat our enemies like they did with the cold war to learn about them and say our type of life, our culture our american values are better than sharia and totalitarian system of the jihadists and keep america safe. i think it's a tremendous idea. >> something trump has talked about from the beginning of the campaign is immigration and securing or improving some of our immigration laws. that will somehow help combat terrorism. >> we want a commission on radical islam. we want to build bridges and erase divisions. the goal will be to identify and explain to the american public the core convictions of beliefs
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of radical islam, develop new protocol for federal investigators and immigration skreerns. >> a lot of people hear this and say it sounds really good but can it be implemented? >> the opposite has been implemented under obama. his administration and hillary clinton under him have said we will not even call the enemy by the name. we will not mention islam and not point out who the bad guys are and prohibit our federal agencies from learning about them and investigating them. that is a common sense thing we should look at the enemy and say what are we doing. he should support the networks in the united states. the mosques are preaching hate. there are plenty of things going on that right now our people are forbidden from doing to keep us safe. trifrp says he will let them do
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their jobs. >> can we go back to the ideological test that we were talking about a lot of people think that's a great idea but how do we know they are not going to lie? there's a potential terrorist coming through you would expect they are requesting to lie. >> if we allow our law enforcement folks, and i have met a customs and border patrol agent who made his job studying the enemy and learning what they say learning how associations matter, our people can tell. we know they are going to lie. we can check the lies with facts on the ground. people coming to this country have to prove they are safe to enter. we don't have to prove to them we have a right to restrict them. it's the other way around. >> we will keep playing it out in the next 90-days or so.
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>> new overnight. an arson arrest thousands are forced to run from their homes because of this. it's a raging inferno decimating the northern town in the northern part of the state. 175 em who is and businesses reduced to-as. it shows flames shooting across
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the dry land. you can see here there's nothing left of this entire neighborhood. homes charred down to steel frames. a 40-year-old man suspected of starting multiple wildfires is behind bars. facing 17 counts of arson. >> such beautiful land there. investigators searching for answers after a jet plummets to the ground. both pilots ejecting to safety. this is just the latest in a serieses of navy crashes over the last three weeks. a pilot was killed when his jet crashed in california. two weeks ago a fighter pilot was hurt in a crash in nevada. fox news uncovered 70 percent of marine corps planes aren't safe to fly that is partly due to budget cuts. >> dozens of hotels in ten states hacked. so is your information safe? >> we are here with what you need to know this morning. cheryl, good to see you. >> good morning, ladies, several
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hotel chains reporting that mal ware was put on to their system. mal ware is what hackers were able to hack a program that gives constant stealing of credit card information. let me give you the names of the hotels. hyatt, sheridan and westin. the owner is agi hotels and resorts. it is a franchise basically. if you were at these hotels you went to the gift shop or restaurant maybe you were even staying there, your information is at risk. obviously you have to monitor your credit card statements to make sure there's not some funky charge on there. it happens all of the time. >> it happened to both of us here. >> me, too. >> let's go to obamacare. aetna dealing the latest blow. >> aetna. we knew this was going to happen. they came out with the second
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quarter earnings. we have lost about $200 million thanks to obamacare. they can't afford it. now they are pulling out of several states. let me give you the list. delaware, iowa, nebraska and virginia. those remaining markets, the rest they weren't 15 markets. the last four states they are going to be operating in. aetna telling the wall street and the obama administration we just can't pull this off. it's too much of a negative for the numbers of the country. >> speaking of help, dominos adding something new to their menu. >> yeah, salads. you are sitting there, eating pizza and you are like i don't want pizza. it's bikini season. they are going to offer salads. these are full packaged salads when your friends order a pizza you can order a salad. they found sued. 5.99 for a classic garden salad, chicken seize czar chicken apple pecan salad. they were testing it out. it went well.
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they are going to bring them at 5,000 locations. >> those are good salad options. >> the crew con -- croutons and salad dressing it can add up. >> the five best airlines rewards programs. a lot of you have been out there flying this summer. let's get you some deals. >> thank you, cheryl. the time now is about half past the top of the hour. liberal politics fuelling riots? >> milwaukee will be a case study in how damaging progressive liberal policies have been, we are working on wrong thing. >> he says failed policies are to complam. he came as a leopard charges
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right at him.
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>> it is tuesday, august 16th. this is a fox news alert. 15 gitmo prisoners released in the obama administration's single largest transfer to date. the terrorist who spent time with bin laden who is walkings the streets. >> i am not running against crooked hillary clinton. i am running against the crooked media. >> how he is taking the war against the dishonest media. >> here's something you don't see every day a diaper waring monkey verses a wal-mart
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employee. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> always feel better with more dancing. >> can't wait to hear about the monkey story. >> and the tierp. >> yes. we begin with serious news. the largest terror transfer ever. >> 15 detainees just released from gitmo including osama bin laden's body guard. >> kelly wright is here with exactly who the dangerous terrorists are. >> heather and abby in a statement the defense department says a prison task force determines detaineeings should be trance fermed from guantanamo bay to the united arab emirates. included is a former body guard
2:33 am
of osama bin laden. he was captured along with the members of the so-called dirty 30. those are men who were believed to have the best information about bin laden. four are from yemen the other free from afghanistan. those being transferred no longer pose a continuing threat to the security of the united states. presidential candidate evan mcmullen a former cia agent disagrees. >> these are people who want to kill americans in mass. i have dealt with these people face to face. they are very motivated people who eat, drink and sleep destroying america. >> president obama has been trying to close guantanamo basins taking office eight years ago saying it undermines our national security. presidential nominee donald trump says he will keep it open if he gets in.
2:34 am
>> we will keep open guantanamo bay and foreign combatants will be tried in military commissions. >> 61 doe tan knees actually remain at guantanamo bay right now. the obama administration says there will be more transfers in the coming weeks. heather? >> kelly wright live for us. thank you, kelly. >> that happened after the first major foreign policy speech. he outlined the plans to take town terrorists. he is already on the attack. >> good morning, kristin. >> he did something he doesn't love to do. he used a tell wheprompttelepro. about didn't diminish the amount of fire he said she lax th-- sh lax the stamina to take down
2:35 am
isis. he didn't say obama was the founder of isis he led to terrorism. >> we will not. we will not remember this defeat with closed eyes or silent voices. we have a president that doesn't want to say the words. any one who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country. trump also argued they need a new approach to foreign policy. any one willing to fight isis that includes russia. he asked for a policy with extreme immigrants and radical islam. shortly before he gave the speech hillary clinton and joe biden launched a preemptive strike. the two were campaigning together for the first time. he delivered one of the harshest
2:36 am
critiques. >> i sack my word is there, no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- don't cheer or applaud. just ligs en. has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. >> clinton will continue to campaign in pennsylvania while trump is heading to wisconsin. remember he lost that state to ted cruz in the primaries. he need to win it this november. >> these debates will be fascinating. >> i can't wait. >> brand new fears russia could be preparing for a nuclear war. they say they are building bunkers capable of with standing a military blast.
2:37 am
they are calling them alarming and they are stocking up on bombers. >> they are calling it a hillary defense. pleading guilty to taking 6 classified pictures inside the submarine when he was working on it in 2009. he is asking for probation without jail time siting the fbi's decision not to charge hillary clinton for having classified information on her private server. scheduled to be sentenced on friday. devastation. historic flooding claiming at least 7 lives in lawsuit yaw forcing hundreds more from their home. >> i had to call in everything. >> it does break your heart. families clinging together clinging from submerged areas.
2:38 am
that is in just two-days. take a look at this. unbelievable picture an army national guard truck under water after driving off the road. tornadoes touched down december damaging power lines and bringing down trees. >> see how it is spiraling. >> yes, that's amazing. but we should probably get inside. >> so scary. one of the tornadoes confirmed just west of indianapolis. >> can you image being near that? >> i can't image shooting that footage. >> 39 after the hour. house republicans laying out their case. >> this per pet waits the stories of hillary clinton's destruction of the american people. >> a breaking bombshell in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal could she soon be facing charges? >> they honor 9 victims why they
2:39 am
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>> 10 minutes after the hour. two congressional committees having a purring investigation. they released video between the clintons and the fbi findings. >> there was nothing marked classified either sent or received. >> it is important to say something about the marking of classified information. only a very small numbers of the
2:43 am
e-mails here containing classified information had markings indicating classified information. even if it is not classified on the e-mail participants should know the subject matter is classified. the video only strengthens the story of clinton's corruption and dishon ski. >> this keeps the story alive about hillary clinton looking out for herself and trying to secure the e-mails owned by the american people. she tried to keep them secret so we didn't have access to them. >> donald trump meantime is taking his war against the dishonest media to the american
2:44 am
people. the e-mailing supporters a 30 question poll asking for opinions on specific media outlets chincluding this questi to you trust fox news on cleaning this campaign. they are trying to help trump stop the mainstream media. free flights and perks while the travel could be in the future? >> cheryl casone is here to break down the top 5 best airline rewards programs. >> it has been a frustrating year for airline travelers. one can be a loyalty program whether it is free flights or upgrades or preboarding. they are out with the annual list of the best of the best. it is better for the budget con
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shuts flier they say. also alas taw has 50 airlines you can use it on air fwrans. they have free checked bags priority boarding and expedited security. rapid awards for northwest coming in at number 3. this is best for business travelers especially you get a point for dollars spent in the caribbean and mexico. u.s. news saying it is for travelers in atlanta, detroit, minneapolis, see at lattle and york city. the elevate program came in 5th. it is great if you fly from san francisco to los angeles described as straight forward and there are no blackout dates makes a big dins. united millage is falling. not as good as the programs used to be. >> makes me excited to book a
2:46 am
trip. now it is time to check in with brian kilmeade. >> what works and what doesn't for him. >> i was surprised when you were talking about donald trump. i am not sure where it comes from. frank luntz will be joining us. he works for tons of candidates. he really believes he can narrow down what he has done for hillary clinton where he was when he was up .2 percent and why he is down 6 percent. here's a little of what he was doing showing credibility. here's a little of his speech yesterday when he talks about attacking islamic terror. >> with one episode of bad judgment after another hillary clinton launched isis on to the world stage. yet as she through the middle
2:47 am
east into violent turmoil, things turned out really to be not so hot. some of the stuff on the prompter is on it some are not. he went on to say here's what i would do. he made critics stop talking about controversy and start talking about substance. that's good, too. >> i am sure donald trump will be watching, too. >> i will be watching you for the next 13 minutes. >> thanks, brian. appreciate it. we will be right back. >> stay with us. welcome bac
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friends first." a mandatory curfew in effect. fears of more chaos. the sister of the man killed by police is taking a stand. rich edson is live for us in milwaukee. good morning, rich. >> reporter: good morning, heather. a much calmer evening last evening than the previous two nights. police arrested six folks. there were a couple of confrontations with officers, but for the most part, no property damage, no injuries. police and authorities credit all of that to community outreach. >> a great deal of improvement over the first day. i think it's a tribute to the partnership with the community as well as the restraint of the department. certainly major responsibility goes to community engagement. >> reporter: they also moved up the summer curfew to teenagers to 10:00 p.m.
2:52 am
the sister of the man who was shot and killed by police that started all of these riots in milwaukee, she says and disputes the police video that shows her brother being shot. take a listen. >> if my brother did have his gun in his hand, why he didn't shoot back? if he is going to go out, why not go out with a fight? why not go out with a big bang? >> reporter: police officers have yet to release that video. they have given it to the state. the state is producing an investigation right now and it's up to the state to release that. police officers say they have seen that video and they described it as demonstrating and showing that the man who was shot did have a gun and did have a loaded gun but we're still waiting for that release. authorities say they're going to get on that as soon as their investigation is far enough along. >> rich edson, thank you. well, sheriff david clark slamming liberal politics for fueling the riots. milwaukee can be a case study
2:53 am
for how damaging they can be. listen. >> here's the problem. the people think that a police shooting causes riots. it's an igniter, but it doesn't cause riots. milwaukee could be a case study in how damaging progressive liberal policies have been to the city of milwaukee. they've created an underclass here. they've created a welfare state here. they want status quo, they meaning the progressive movement. it's not synonymous with milwaukee. you look at chicago, philadelphia, baltimore, other cities, it's the same thing. the police come along, have to do what they have to do and all of a sudden it's the fault of the police. we're working on the wrong thing. this is pathetic. i'm from milwaukee. it sickens me. >> sheriff clark will join us on "fox & friends" this morning in the 8:00 hour. you don't want to miss it. switching gears right now. these big cats, well, they have
2:54 am
this zoo keeper's back. watch over the man's shoulder as a leopard comes right at him but a tiger comes in his tracks and protects him. the leopard just paws at his leg. >> beautiful animals though. >> smart. >> a tribute to 9/11 victims. avery williamson just got these custom red, white, blue cleats but he could be fined if he actually wears them. on the back is the date with the message, never forget. the titans first game is on september 11th. williamson needs permission from the nfl to wear them since it violates apparently their uniform policy. no comment yet from the league. >> i say let him wear them. the time is about 6 minutes to the top of the hour. the rio olympics plagued with problems. fans getting injured when a camera comes crashing to the ground. and a close call.
2:55 am
dramatic footage shows the u.s. navy saving a plane. how these brave men and women are now being honored.
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2:59 am
a man who attempted to kill a new york city imam will be arraigned. the obama administration releasing 15 gitmo detainees including a former body guard for osama bin laden. we want to keep talking about gitmo and president obama's plan to close gitmo. go to our facebook page after the show with #keeptalk joog time for the good, the bad, the ugly. first, the good. a trio of navy pilots honored for this amazing recovery after a plane skids off the "u.s.s. eisenhower" after their landing. the pilots miraculously saving the plane. a camera snaps from its cable and plummets 60 feet down. seven people injured. this diaper wearing monkey
3:00 am
isn't messing around. the pet primate jumping on to a walmart employee refusing to let go and the frantic owner rushing over to pull the primate off saying that it escaped from their camper. >> monkeys wear diapers. >> i couldn't wait for that story. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, august 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. an attack on a passenger train. a man going on a stabbing spree on that train this morning. the breaking details just coming in. >> oh, boy. then donald trump lays out his plan to take on terror and keep americans safe. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> okay. will extreme vetting work? >>


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